High Density Video Transcoding

Codensity™ T400 Video Transcoder

Video content is the #1 source of traffic on the internet. Video is often generated using the ubiquitous H.264 AVC video encoding standard. Meanwhile, newer H.265 HEVC video delivers equivalent quality with up to a 50% reduction in file size and bandwidth requirements, making it the codec of choice for newer video end points and devices. Codensity™ T400 Video Transcoders deliver scalable video transcoding between H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC formats up to 4K UHD video resolution.

Product Highlights

  • Scalable H.264/H.265 Real-time Transcoding
  • 4K resolution @ 60fps, or 8x 1080p streams in single U.2 module
  • 80% less power than alternative software solutions
  • Easy integration with FFmpeg SDK

Save Power

Save Rack Space

Easy Integration

High Density UHD Video Transcoding Solution

Codensity T400 modules plug into NVMe bays inside modern enterprise-class servers. Each U.2 module takes full advantage of Codensity G4 SSD Controller SoC technology to support a staggering H.264/H.265 transcoding throughput of 60 fps of 4K UHD video. A mid-range Intel® multi-core server with 10x NVMe bays can support 80x 1080p real-time transcoding streams, delivering video streaming scalability with minimized rack space

High Power Efficiency

Each Codensity T400 U.2 module consumes only 6W of power at full load. Plug 10x T400 U.2 modules into a 1RU server, and you have a highly efficient video transcoding solution consuming approximately 6 watts per 1080p transcoding stream.

Software Integration with FFmpeg Library Support

Many video processing and transcoding applications developers are familiar with FFmpeg, an open source software library with a vast suite of video processing functions. The Codensity solution includes a highly-efficient FFMPEG compatible SDK, requiring operators to simply apply a FFmpeg/libavcodec patch to complete the integration. The libavcodec patch on the host server functions between Codensity T400 NVMe interface and the FFmpeg software layer, allowing existing video transcoding applications already using FFmpeg to achieve quick and significant performance and capacity upgrades with Codensity T400 Transcoders.

Condensity™ T400 Video Transcoder Specifications

H.264 AVC DecoderH.265 HEVC Decoder
ProfileBP / CBP / MP / HP / HP10Main / Main10
LevelL5.2L5.1 Main-Tier
Max Resolution8192 x 40968192 x 4096
Min Resolution16 x 168 x 8
BitrateUp to 50 Mbps
Capacity*4K @ 60 fps
1080p @ 240 fps
4K x 60 fps
1080p x 240 fps
H.264 AVC EncoderH.265 HEVC Encoder
ProfileBP / CBP / MP / HP / HP10Main / Main10 /
Main Still Picture Profile
LevelL5.2L5.1 Main-Tier
Max Resolution8192 x 40968192 x 4096
Min Resolution16 x 16256 x 128
QualityEquivalent or better than
x264 with “faster” preset
Equivalent or better than
x265 with “faster” preset
Capacity*4K @ 60 fps
1080p @ 240 fps
4K x 60 fps
1080p x 240 fps